The LVP Music Museum

The Las Vegas Philharmonic has opened a digital museum aimed at providing rich and interesting content from history’s greatest composers. The LVP Music Museum features biographies and performance samples from composers from the Baroque period to today! Learn about old favorites like Bach, Mozart, and Handel while you explore new favorites like Florence Price, Steve Reich, and Wendy Carlos.

The LVP Music Museum also features a Special Event Gallery, an exhibit room just off the lobby which hosts a rotating calendar of specially curated musical figures.
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Check out the 2020 calendar below:

August and September 2020: Modern Conductors—Each conductor beings a unique style to any orchestra. In this special exhibition, you’ll meet 10 20th and 21st Century conductors who shaped the way orchestras have sounded and who continue to make large artistic advances in the orchestra world. You might even recognize one familiar face—that of our music director, Donato Cabrera!

October 2020: Proudly Musical—Every October is LGBTQIA2+ History Month and during October 2020, the LVP Music Museum will profile 10 influential LGBTQIA2+ composers who have made huge strides both for queer people as well as in the orchestra world. Be sure to stop in and join us as we celebrate being Proudly Musical.

November 2020: Musical Matriarchs—In November of 2020, the United States celebrates the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which granted women the right to vote. The LVP Music Museum’s Special Event Hall will feature 10 trailblazing women who have changed the face of classical music as we know it and who continue to innovate and create new and exciting things. You’ll also be able to participate in a vote of your very own—voting for your favorite piece of music highlighted in the Special Event Gallery!

December 2020: Global Traditions in Music—December is a time for many holidays and the LVP Music Museum’s Special Event Gallery will highlight cultural traditions from around the globe. From the sounds of Hanukkah to the carols of Christmas and a lot of fun and unique traditions in between, join us as we celebrate the end of 2020 by reflecting on how the world celebrates through music.

There are also some surprises scattered throughout the museum, so start exploring today!

Learning an Instrument


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Composition Process


LVP Young Artist Exhibition

The Las Vegas Philharmonic invites Southern Nevada music students to participate in our first ever Young Artist Exhibition. This unique new program will provide a stage for local young musicians to showcase their talent in a non-competitive space AND receive invaluable feedback from musicians of the Las Vegas Philharmonic. Young artists may submit a video of themselves playing any piece that showcases their musicianship. Videos will be featured on the LVP website in July 2021 and all young artists will receive constructive and uplifting feedback from members of the Las Vegas Philharmonic.


The Young Artist Exhibition is open to all Nevada students aged 10-21. Applicants may submit a video of themselves performing any piece they choose.

File Format & Requirements

1. Videos must not exceed 7 minutes in length and video files must be .mp4 or .mov format, no larger than 100MB.

*Please be sure to film in landscape showing your face and instrument in a well lit room. Label video file as follows: FirstinitialLastname_Composer and piece title_instrument.mp4 (e.g. JSmith_Mozart Violin Concerto No. 3_violin.mp4)

2. All participants must submit a media release form to be featured on the LVP website and social media.

Deadline for submission is May 31, 2021.

Submit your video and media release form here.


Media Release Form