We are excited to announce our newest education and community enrichment project that will drive our ability to deliver music and its benefits to more of Las Vegas through mobile activations and experiences!

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The Las Vegas Philharmonic has put together several lessons plans for you to share with your students.

American Musical Language Worksheet
American Music - Teacher Lesson Plan
4'33" - Teacher Lesson Plan
Clapping Music - Teacher Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan May 2023
Classroom Presentation - May 2023

Enjoy previous lesson plans The Las Vegas Philharmonic put together for you to share with your students.

Lesson Plan March 2022
Classroom Presentation - March 2022
Lesson Plan April 2022
Classroom Presentation - April 2022
Lesson Plan May 2022
Classroom Presentation - May 2022
Lesson Plan February 2023
Classroom Presentation - February 2023
Lesson Plan March 2023
Classroom Presentation - April 2023