September 15, 2020 at 1PM

Join us on Tuesday, September 15 at 1PM when your Las Vegas Philharmonic presents a Facebook live interview with Music Director Donato Cabrera and music duo, BartolomeyBittmann.

Matthias Bartolomey (cello) and Klemens Bittmann (violin & mandola) are blazing their own musical trail developing a contemporary repertoire for their classical instruments. With the spontaneity and improvisation of Jazz, their music includes heavy groove and rock elements as well as intimate ballads and fast up tempo compositions. Their first two persuasive albums, Meridian (2013) and Neubau (2015), introduced their innovative approach, their wealth of ideas, and complex, independent voice.  Now, with the recent release of Dynamo (2019), the duo has arrived at the heart of their very own individual sound.

To watch this event, log on to and even join in with comments.