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In depth TV interviews with artists, musicians, philosophers, etc., seem to be a thing of the past. It was not too long ago that artists would frequently appear on the major networks, and this was when there were only major networks. The great opera star, Beverly Sills, was not only a favorite guest on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, but was for a time one his most frequent guest hosts! What follows needs very little introduction other than an encouragement to watch them over time.

If I were to recommend just one, It’d have to be an interview many consider being the greatest interview a musician gave of another musician: André Previn interviewing Oscar Peterson for BBC TV. I’ve put it first to watch not just because it’s so wonderful, but also because of its singularity. I’ve also separated the interviews by genre.

Jazz Pianists

André Previn interviewing Oscar Peterson.

Bill Evans interviewed his brother


Bruno Walter

Otto Klemperer, conductor

Sir Thomas Beecham, conductor, interviewed by Peter Brook.

Classical Piano

Glenn Gould gave a series of remarkable interviews with Humphrey Burton.


Igor Stravinsky


Aaron Copland interviewed by John Callaway

An interview with Merce Cunningham and John Cage.