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One of the main sources of inspiration for how this program came together is this partial quote from Richard Wagner, calling Beethoven’s Symphony №7, “the Apotheosis of the Dance.” Indeed, this quote is a prime example of someone using an entirely different artform — dance — to describe the impression and meaning of a piece of music. To read Wagner’s quote in its entirety is even more powerful.

“All tumult, all yearning and storming of the heart, become here the blissful insolence of joy, which carries us away with bacchanalian power through the roomy space of nature, through all the streams and seas of life, shouting in glad self-consciousness as we sound throughout the universe the daring strains of this human sphere-dance. The Symphony is the Apotheosis of the Dance itself: it is Dance in its highest aspect, the loftiest deed of bodily motion, incorporated into an ideal mold of tone.”